Turmeric: 1 spice vs 14 conventional medicines

For those who want insight into the many and varied benefits of turmeric, and how it compares to 14 common conventional medicines that most of us use or have used at one time or another. http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/science-confirms-this-spice-is-as-effective-as-14-drugs

Dog Diet & Health

The following includes information taken from a leaflet produced by Dr Conor Brady of dogsfirst.ie, and my own myth explosions! William Pollak (DVM) recently conducted clinical trials which suggested that 75% of common diseases in dogs, and 63% in cats could be eliminated without medical intervention, but over a period of year with proper diet modifications Commercial pet food was only developed about 40 years ago – in fact some European countries still do not know anything about commercial ‘kibble’ pet foods. They still feed their pets whole fresh farm foods, and their pets, as ours previously were, do not have any where near as many health problems as our pets are now faced with. Processe

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No medicinal properties are claimed for any of these items but they can help in the maintenance of good health. Whilst we are happy to discuss any problems you may be experiencing with you or your dogs, we are not allowed by law to either offer a diagnosis or prescribe any treatments and may only give general information and teach you how to look after your own pets. If you are in any doubt about the health of your animals you must always consult your vet in the first instance. 

 If you or  your pets are either trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating or taking prescribed or over the counter medicines or suffer from any allergies, sensitivities or on-going health problems then it is essential that you contact your vet or doctor as appropriate for advice before using any of the products

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