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Current statistics show that over the age of 10 there is a 50% chance that your dog will get cancer. That's 1 in 2 of our pet dogs. 

In an aim to combat this we have produced two booklets that give you, the pet owner, an overview of: Firstly the actions that you can take that are known to help prevent cancers; and secondly options that are open to you should you have a dog diagnosed with cancer.

We have made these booklets free of charge to make them super accessible. However, we would like you to consider making a donation to "pay it forward". 100% of contributions made will be donated to local Irish charities involved in pet care on a quarterly basis.

Physical copies of the booklets should be available through your local pet shop. The printing of which has been kindly sponsored by Fetch your Pet Needs, Timmy's Pets Shop/Rawvolution, The Pet Parlour and ourselves. 

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