Healthy, Happy Pets ....Naturally

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What We Do

We help you to support your dog's health and well being

We provide information and products to enable you to take an active role in addressing the physical, emotional and behavioral needs of your pet.

Prioritising natural treatment options wherever possible.

All of our products are  handmade in small batches, using 100% natural, organic and human grade ingredients.

No preservatives, colours, or other additives

Best for Canine Natural Health Products 2019 & 2020 - Ireland

LUX Excellence Award for Outstanding Customer Service - Ireland

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Pancreatitis Pupper 

I had life threatening acute pancreatitis and the support that Holistic Hound gave me helped to nurse me back to health.  



The Frenchie

I use Snout and Paw to keep my nose and paws nice and soft everyday.



The Liver Shunt Pup

I have a liver shunt that cannot be operated on. The herbal and dietary support I receive from Holistic Hound keeps me alive.


The Deaf Tibetan Terrier

My human got me Calm and Balmy! It chilled me right out for a busy day of shopping and watching the horses at the Badminton Horse Trials


Our products are intended to support, not replace, advice and diagnoses provided by your vet. A holistic approach means just that, using the whole toolbox to help maintain and sustain good health. 

Dog Walker

Are you a Retailer or Dog Trade Professional?

The team at Holistic Hound are always seeking new partners who are passionate about healthy pets and natural treatments. Whether you are a shop, groomer, behaviourist or Vet.

We work closely with members of the APDT and IPDGA. And also work with charity groups such as the local SCPAs and Dogs for the Disabled.

Email us on: and we will get back to you with our pricing and stockist support package.