Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Applied Zoopharmacognosy (AZ) enables your dog to effectively self-medicate; and within this process enable you to potentially understand underlying root cause of illness. AZ can be particularly useful for issues that are not visually obvious or easily diagnosed,  but also more importantly those that are eluding absolute diagnosis of cause (idiopathic).

We often find that the selections are contrary to what are initially presumed based upon either previous veterinary treatment or client experience. And this gives us real insight into the cause of illness or issue, rather than simply the symptoms.

AZ can also be very useful to help with emotional and behavioural issues such as separation anxiety, grief, trust, fear and reactivity to other dogs/humans.

The process involves offering a choice of plant extracts that would contain the same, or similar constituents to those found in an animal’s natural environment. As a result the animal is empowered to manage their own health, rather than having medications administered based upon oftentimes flawed perception or diagnosis.

Animals in the wild have the opportunity to do this, and there have been many studies and examples demonstrating this.   For our pets we have unknowlingly taken this opportunity away. Remarkably, however, they do still retain this ability, almost like a "sixth sense", to know what they need to achieve a healthy balance. 

An AZ session involves offering a variety of both nutritive and healing herbs, macerated oils and essential oils.  The session is then guided by your dog's selections - which are either inhaled, taken orally, or applied topically to wherever the dog indicates. It is truly an amazing and fascinating process to observe.

The session length is dictated by the dog, who will very clearly indicate when they are done, but generally takes anything from 2 – 3 hours. An in-depth consultation will also form a key part of the session, and we will advise you on anything you may need to provide before or at the session.

The fee includes the use of all herbs/oils during the session, but we do not currently sell any oils or herbs that your dog may continue to work with post session. Although we will be able to advise you as to which items we would recommend you continue to work with at home, and how to do this.

Travel is charged additionally if required.