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Calm Canine

Calm Canine

A dietary support to ease anxiety and reduce stress for a worry-free pet. 


Calm Canine is a dietary support that will help settle your dog down, or help the nervous system recover after exposure to stress. It will help reduce agitation, anger, restlessness and aggression. The formula will not cause drowsiness but will bring them some peace and quiet from inner turmoil. 


Dogs are sensitive souls. We like to think that they have an easy, stress free life; but for many our lifestyle and their environment can just be too much for them resulting in high levels of anxiety. Dogs like to have routine, consistency and changes can be difficult to deal with as a result of any large or minor changes (whether that’s a house move, Halloween or a new arrival in the household). Anxiety is a very common problem in dogs and can be very upsetting and destructive in many ways if they are not supported adequately. 


This calming supplement can ease stress caused by: 

  • Separation anxiety, the fear and worry of why you have gone away and will you be coming back
  • Reactivity to sounds such as fireworks, thunder and lightning.
  • Reactivity to external activities such as a neighbour walking past your home or a car driving by.
  • Social anxiety, resulting in reactivity and aggression towards other people or other dogs.
  • High energy, hyper dogs that cannot settle well or easily.
  • Fear of travel, new environments; trips to groomers, vet visits or kennel stays.
  • Anxiety from household changes, moving house, new family members and changes in the pack (including a death in the family).
  • Rescue dogs who have come from abusive backgrounds, who need healing not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.
  • Ingredients & Directions for Use

    Feeding Guidelines: 

    Feed once daily or periodically as required. Add directly to food.

    Feed 1ml for every 2kg of the dog’s weight.

    One 10 ml dose includes:

    • Flaxseed Oil 8000mg

    • Passionflower 300mg

    • Oat tops 400mg

    • Valerian 300mg

    • Skullcap herb 200mg

    • Ashwagandha 400mg

    • Chamomile 400mg



    Suitable for use with epileptic dogs as the herbs included have been shown to have positive impacts on the frequency and severity of seizures. Do discuss this with your Vet before administering.


    Product Size:

    500ml bottle



    Calm Canine is 100% natural. It is a blend of cold pressed flaxseed oil and herbs chosen to give maximum support to any stressed or anxious dogs, both physically and emotionally.



    The inclusion of flaxseed oil provides a rich source of Omega 3 and 6 to help support strong and healthy digestion and metabolism. This ingredient calms and settles the nerves without drowsiness. It is also helpful for nervous system recovery after exposure to stress.  Build resistance to physical and emotional stress. Regulates metabolism. Supports a healthy heart. Provides nutritional and digestive support. Supports both physical and emotional wellbeing



    One of the most effective nervine herbs, used for chronic cases of nervous tension, anxiety and over excitability – once widely known as “mad dog weed”! It can also help to relieve pain from nerve related injury. It does not bring about drowsiness, or dull the reflexes; but acts to moderate responsiveness to stimuli to alleviate restlessness.



    An adaptogenic herb that has a relaxing and calming effect. A great muscle relaxant. Reduces inflammation and is a powerful antioxidant. Regulates the immune system. Has hematopoietic properties (positive effect on blood cells).



    A versatile yet powerful soothing and healing herb. It can also support the digestive system, strengthen muscle tissues and reduce inflammation. Has antibacterial and antifungal properties.


    Oat Tops

    Helps the nervous system recover after exposure to stress, and furthermore it inhibits the enzyme PDE4 which results in reduced stress and anxiety, and even depression.



    This Inhibits the breakdown of GABA in the brain resulting in feelings of tranquillity and calmness. It contains hesperidin and linarin which have a sedative action. It helps regulate excessive activity in the fear centre of the brain and reduces strong stress reactions.



    Both a sleep aid and relaxing ingredient. This gives a much needed boost to the levels of GABA in the brain which in turn lowers the brain activity making your dog more relaxed, calmer and sleep better.


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