Tailored Support Plan (Large Dog: Greater than 25kg)

Tailored Support Plan (Large Dog: Greater than 25kg)

Recommended for pet owners that are experiencing chronic/on going health issues with their dog that are not being satisfactorily resolved through conventional veterinary care; or for owners keen to prioritise natural options above pharmaceutical treatment.

The service covers four hours of Jo’s time, and begins with a thorough assessment of your dog which covers veterinary, nutrition and behavioural history. It will include investigation and interpretation of diagnostics carried out by your Vet, such as bloodwork or scans, and may include recommendations for further diagnostics if appropriate; followed by a tailored step-by-step plan, bespoke tonics and tinctures and follow up support and advise.

After your consultation you are welcome to phone, email, text us to answer any questions you may have while implementing the plan.

This plan will typically cover up to 4 months of treatment.