Follow Up Consultation

Follow Up Consultation

Follow-up support is a service available to any client who has previously booked a consultation plan and requires a check in/or adjustment to their herbal protocol.  This enables Jo to monitor response to changes and make adjustments as indicated. We do strongly recommend having this follow up session just to check that everything is on track and give you peace of mind.

 Note: We may request that you get additional diagnostics at your Vet to help with this process.

Example conditions that often require follow up include: Cancer, kidney or liver disease, Addison’s or Cushing’s disease, diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, skin issues.


The follow up service allows for an hour of Jo’s time. Additional fees may apply to extremely labour-intensive cases, such as those that involve multiple conditions or require daily contact.  If so, it will be discussed and agreed beforehand.

This fee does not cover any additional herbal treatments; these will be charged individually as required.