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Heal Me Quick!

Heal Me Quick!

A first aid spray for fast relief and healing of minor cuts and abrasions. Heal me Quick spray will stop bleeding, prevent infection, promote healing and provide pain relief.


A must have for all “dog first aid kits”. This spray is fast acting, super effective and bursting full of healing and disinfectant properties.

  • Ingredients & Directions for Use


    Should be applied directly on to affected areas.


    Product Size: 

    100ml Spray.





    Also known as “nature’s bandage”, Yarrow contains its’ own antiseptic and reduces bleeding. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this combination aids in the healing of wounds.


    St John's Wort

    St John’s Wort is an amazing herb. Known for its mood stabilising benefits it is also amazingly powerful for the skin. The antioxidants and interleukins that are in St. John’s Wort decreases inflammation and reduces the appearance of scars when used topically on the skin. It boosts blood flow and is great for treating burns and scrapes. It can help with wound care as it has the ability to kill micro-organisms. This herb is also a potent antiviral, it hydrates and firms up the skin, improves. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


    Witch Hazel

    This well known ingredient helps reduce swelling, repairs broken skin, and fights bacteria. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antibacterial, Witch Hazel prevents skin damage, reduces skin irritation, helps fight infection. It also protects the skin layers from bacteria while also stimulating moisture, it can heal bruises and cuts. This astringent has an overall anti-inflammatory effect and an indirect antibacterial effect that makes it an ideal choice for minor cuts and bruises.



    This is simply an amazing herb with many qualities. It is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and therefore great to use on skin and is a useful treatment in healing wounds. It is exceptionally soothing, and aids a myriad of skin irritations. It is hydrating and reduces itching.



    It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It also contains trace amounts of potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium. It is soothing, with added healing power and antimicrobial. 



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