One to One Consultation

One to One Consultation

If you are currently experiencing minor or acute/one off difficulties with your dog you might consider having a consultation with Jo to develop a support plan. Even if you are simply after solid, all round advice about your dog's health care, then this consultation option is designed for you.


Similarly, if you have a dog with chronic health issues, such as liver/kidney function deficincies, an aging dog, or even a cancer diagnosis, this consultation option can give you a good range of options that you can explore to support your dog. 


During the consultation we will investigate the challenges that you are experiencing with your dog’s health or behaviour and discuss solutions and actions that can be taken to resolve these issues.

This initial consultation will cover an hour of Jo’s time to respond and liaise with you by email over the extent to which she can offer further help, signposting and support.

This may include advice on

  • Changes you can make at home & environment

  • Nutrition and supplements

  • Behaviour & training

  • Alternative complementary health pathways

  • Specific breed advice

  • Signposting to useful resources & product recommendations

  • Options for provision of direct herbal support


Jo is able to review existing test results you may have; or she may redirect you back to your veterinarian for tests e.g. bloods, fecal or urinalysis, etc. She will then review these once you have them. This allows her to "look under the bonnet" and advise in an informed manner, taking guesswork out of the equation.


Jo will respond within 5 working days to all applications; although in many cases will come back to you a lot sooner.