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Ticked Off!

Ticked Off!

A natural and effective flea and tick prevention treatment and repellent.


This flea and tick repellent works to establish an “unattractive” environment for these nasty little critters, while also supporting the immune system and overall health of your dog – all whilst avoiding harsh chemicals.


Ticks and fleas are sightless and deaf. They tune in to the fatty smell emitted by warm blooded animals in their sweat, and that is how they find their host. This product uses ingredients which when metabolised give off a distinctive odour and bitter flavour that fleas and ticks hate.

  • Ingredients & Directions for Use


    Requires ongoing administration before and throughout tick and flea season. We advise pet owners to start treatment two weeks before the annual tick season in your locality.



    Administer 2ml per 10kg of dog for the first 2 weeks of treatment. 

    Thereafter reduce to 1ml per 10kg of dog weight throughout the tick/flea season


    One bottle will last a 10kg dog approx 4 months


    Product Size: 

    Regular: 200ml bottle

    Large: 1000ml bottle





    Fleas despise the smell of garlic, making your pet a walking pest deterrent. 



    This ingredient reduces inflammation and stimulates the part of the immune system that fights disease, viruses, and bacteria.


    Apple cider vinegar

    Fleas and ticks hate the bitter smell and taste of apple cider vinegar.


    Vegetable glycerin base.



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