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Halloween Horrors - Keeping your pets happy this Halloween

Trick or Treat?

Costumes, parties, sparklers and fireworks, Halloween is an exciting time of year for many adults and kids. Unfortunately, for the majority of pets, it’s filled with fear, due to the large number of loud fireworks and bangers that go off around this time and the frequent calls at the door on the night itself. We hear from so many pet owners that the bangers and fireworks have been going since earlier this month and many pets are too terrified to leave their homes after dark. Others are in a constant state of anxiety, waiting for the next crack of a banger to explode nearby.

On top of this fear, the nights are getting longer, so many of us have changed our routines. This also adds to a dogs’ already nervous disposition.

We’ve pulled together some helpful tips to keep your pet a little calmer this Halloween.

Please share them with pet owners who might find them helpful and do get in touch if you have any questions or tips to add! Don't forget, there's over 15% off our "Halloween Horrors" package here.

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Keep to a routine:

Whether it’s the (not so) gentle nudge that it’s dinner time to the glance at the door to ask for a walk, dogs like a routine. They may not be able to tell the time, but they always know what time it is! A routine gives dogs a sense of security as they know what to expect, when. They aren’t worried about whether the next walk will be in an hour or 10 hours, because it happens at the same time every day. Keeping to a routine reduces their overall anxiety which is vital at this time of year.


Build a den:

Trick or Treat:





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Comfort your pet:

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