Creating a lifeline for those that need a helping hand to ensure they can keep their pets with them at home. A national scheme & fund for essential pet care provisions: food, vet care, grooming, kenneling

We all know how precious our pets are, and how they play a key part in our mental well being. And during this pandemic they may be the only company some have.

But there are going to be difficult times ahead, and for some the cost of keeping their pet at home, well fed and in the best of health, may be a cost that they will struggle with. To the point where they are considering the awful reality of having to rehome their beloved friend. A heartbreaking situation for both owner and pet.
We want to create a lifeline for those that find themselves needing a little helping hand to meet these costs, to ensure they can keep their pets with them at home. A fund for essential pet care provisions, including the costs of food, welfare grooms, emergency veterinary costs and emergency kenneling.

We want you to Paw it Forward.

If you are able to give just a little extra when you are buying for your pet, or if you are able to donate even the smallest amount, we will be working with retailers, groomers and vets around the country, to make sure that those who need help to keep their pets with them can access it.

We want you to Paw it Forward


You can either choose to donate directly in any of the participating outlets.

All participating outlets will be displaying this logo

We will provide a map of all participating outlets soon

Or you can donate to our Central Fund.

This fund will be used to provide referred households with the following:·        

Food: A €50 allowance·        

Emergency Veterinary care: a €100 allowance·        

Grooming: A €70 allowance·        

Kennelling: Allowance of €100


This money will be transferred directly to the local participating outlet, which also means it can cover home delivery of goods if required.


If you would like to benefit from the Scheme:

You can choose to simply visit any local participating retailer or outlet - they will be displaying the sticker above. Each outlet will have their own scheme running and will be able to give you details of what they can help with

Or you can be referred to the Central fund by any professional from either a Rescue, Vet, Groomer or Pet Store. Details of application form can be found here:

No medicinal properties are claimed for any of these items but they can help in the maintenance of good health. Whilst we are happy to discuss any problems you may be experiencing with you or your dogs, we are not allowed by law to either offer a diagnosis or prescribe any treatments and may only give general information and teach you how to look after your own pets. If you are in any doubt about the health of your animals you must always consult your vet in the first instance. 

 If you or  your pets are either trying to conceive, pregnant or lactating or taking prescribed or over the counter medicines or suffer from any allergies, sensitivities or on-going health problems then it is essential that you contact your vet or doctor as appropriate for advice before using any of the products

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