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Cozy-Up Calming Cushion
  • Cozy-Up Calming Cushion

    A calming cushion to help ease anxiety. 


    Nothing is more heart breaking than seeing your beloved pet fearful or anxious. Our handmade valerian and lavender Cozy-Up Calming Cushion is the ideal companion for any anxious dog. 


    Anxiety is a very common problem in dogs and can be very upsetting and destructive in many ways if they are not supported adequately. These beautiful cushions are handcrafted using local Irish Tweed made here in Co. Kerry. Then filled with organic valerian root, and a few drops of the purest lavender essential oil. 


    These are the perfect addition to your dog's life if they have: 

    • Seperation anxiety
    • Fear of loud noises e.g. thunderstorms or fireworks.
    • Difficulty being calm while travelling.
    • General nervous demeanour.
    • High energy, hyper dogs that cannot settle well or easily.
    • Older dogs who have deteriorating physical and mental health.
    • Kennel stays can cause anxiety. 
    • Anxiety from household changes, moving house, new family members and changes in the pack (including a death in the family).
    • Rescue dogs who need emotion and spiritual healing.
    • Ideal for settling a new puppy into