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Workshop with Tom Farrington in Ballymaloe Cookery School

We are delighted to see that homeopathic vet Tom Farrington is running a workshop at the end of October. It's a unique and wonderful opportunity to learn how homeopathy can help our pets. If you are interested, the course is running in Ballymaloe Cookery school. The course details are listed on the Ballymaloe Cookery School website. It's €145.00 for a the day and will run on the 23rd of October.

For those who have not heard of Tom, he is a conventional vet and certified veterinary homeopath who had a practice in West Cork before retiring. At the time, Tom was one of about 20 vets in the State who uses homeopathy in their treatment of animals. He champions an all-encompassing approach to patient well-being. His work embodies the essence of holistic care, where science meets intuition and his patients—both furry and human—are embraced in the full spectrum of healing.

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