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We're delighted to be returning to the UK after a brief hiatus!

While customers in the UK can purchase directly from our website, we are hoping that they can shop in their local retailers - i.e. from you! To help you get to know our products (and enable you to benefit from a steep additional, wholesaler discount), our Starter Pack is the perfect first step.

We've taken 8 of our best selling products and once ordered, you'll receive 6 of each. The pack can be ordered directly from our distributor, Well Fed Pets, or you can contact us directly.

Our Starter Pack contains 6 of the following:

Click on the product name for more detailed information.

  • Dog Eared: Natural and effective ear drops for cleaning and healing in-ear infections.

  • Don't Bug Me: A natural and effective geraniol based tick and flea repellent and treatment.

  • Wormwood ++: A natural and effective alternative to chemical worming.

  • Wound Care & Repair: A first aid spray for fast relief and healing of minor cuts and abrasions.

  • Mitee Stuff: This balm helps to repel existing infestation of mites, and prevent further infestation.

  • Tummies: A food supplement for dogs who are prone to sickness, gastritis, problems with yeast, loose stools, constipation, or gassy bottoms!

  • Ditch De Itch: A soothing topical spray solution composed of natural herbs and homoeopathic remedies, to provide immediate relief to itchy skin.

  • Calm & Balmy: A quick acting remedy to ease anxiety and reduce stress for a worry-free pet.


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